The Sub Feature Is Only For Visuals

In HTML elements that use visual, the sub feature is used to show alternative text. There are two reasons for using alternative text. If you can not open the page on the page that you are calling the visual (you may have enabled the ability to block images using the browser feature, the browser may not support the visuals, the visual link may be corrupted, the visual link may be incorrect, etc.) users) to understand what is visual.

In the HTML 4.01 Strict version alt only the following elements apply:
* img
* area
* input

The input elements (visual submit buttons) alt are suitable for use.

img Iis area desirable to use this property in input elements (visually submit buttons) while the sub property is needed for elements.

From time alt to time I see people using the property in other elements, like links. I think those who use it in this way are the property title feature they want to use. This feature is used to give more information about an element, which is what they want to do. They can look up alt and title get more information on this topic.

Original article: written by Roger Johansson for publication at with the title alt attribute is for images only .

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