Screen Reader Test

I think it is useful to spend some time with a few screen reader software to understand how difficult it is to navigate the Internet for someone who does not see it as an Internet user or who has a vision problem.

This gives you an idea of the accessibility problems of the site you are visiting, even if it does not give you anything. Having screen reader software is also important so that you can see where your sites may be an obstacle for users.

Installation and setup of screen reader software can be a little tricky, but the article entitled ” Setting Up Your Computer for Screen Saver Software ” by Todd Kloots will help you.

Virtual PC, VMware Fusion virtual machine such as Parallels Desktop and Virtual Box (virtual machine) you have the software and the Windows operating system also JAWS, Window-Eyes, and screen reader NVDA ( screen reader ) to read the installation documentation of software installation and configuration stages in help It will be.

Another article with similar hints is Henny Swan’s ” Screen Reader Test Environment Setup “.

Original article: written by Roger Johansson for the screen reading the testing title at

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