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SEOmoz of 72 sites SEO expert of his research with (Search Engine Ranking Factors) results were published recently. According to the survey conducted with 72 SEO consultants, the 5 factors that have an impact on the search engines are listed.

The SEOmoz site comes at the forefront of the sites that are specifically followed by those interested in SEO. Particularly in addition to helping those who are interested in this business with paid and free tools, it is also important to keep track of developments in the sector, publishing detailed information about known techniques and publishing hints for unknowns.

Anyone who is interested in the search engine optimization of the year 2009 of the ” Search Engine Ranking Factors ” study conducted this third year and biennially is useful. 72 SEO experts participated in the survey. Participants include Rand Fishkin , Matt McGee , Aaron Wall , Ann Smarty and Joost de Valk . The entire list of attendees is here .

According to the survey conducted by 72 SEO consultants, there are 5 factors that affect the rise and fall in search engines.

5 factors that have the highest impact on search engines

  1. Text in link (Anchor text) – 73%
  2. Link Popularity – Number of backinkler adept/quality links – 71%
  3. Variety of Link Sources ie how many links you get from – 67%
  4. Keyword in title -% 66
  5. Domain credibility (TrustRank, mozTrust) depending on the recipient links – 66%

5 factors that have the most impact on search engines

  1. Backlinks or malicious code hosting on malicious content sites – 68%
  2. Backlink shopping with known backlink sellers – 56%
  3. Backlinks from spamming sites – 51%
  4. User Agent Cloaking method, ie showing different content to different content visitors to search engines – 51%
  5. Frequent access to the site – 51%

Common factors that influence search engine growth

  1. Domain credibility/competence
  2. The page’s popularity
  3. Text in links
  4. Use of keywords within the site
  5. Traffic and clicks data
  6. Situation in your site’s social management sites
  7. Domain registration data and web hosting data

The data used in this article was taken from the research at .

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