Readability: Making Your Web Content More Readable

Have you ever had difficulty reading the contents of a site with no design reason? It became mine.

The easiest way to overcome this difficulty is to disable CSS, but this method is not satisfactory from an image point of view. Another method is to use the Readability bookmarklet. With this method, we disable all non-content elements ( images, etc.) and make the text part readable. It also gives you the freedom to choose different color combinations, font sizes and line spacing.

This tool is not a great solution, but – the minus directions: it does not work on all sites, sometimes it does not show all the text – but it is thoughtfully thought.

Original article: written by Roger Johansson for publication at with the title Make more web content readable with readability.

I look forward to your ideas about the article. Please help everyone by participating. Thanks in advance.

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